At this stage of the era, food production chains are facing import and export problems in the face of large demand operations.
Therefore, Al-Qastas Company studies the global and local markets and selects from the best food-producing countries through a large basket of licensed foodstuffs with the best quality certificates.
We offer you the best options and put them on a wide table of products, including legumes, canned foods, canned foods, vegetables, fruits, dryers, even meat and its extracts such as dairy, eggs and fatty materials.
All this and more through one company, Al-Qustas Company

We are one of the biggest and oldest rice exporters of India having an ISO 22000 certi-fied plant.

With 100 years of experience in the rice trade, a modern plant with Buhler Sortex and Polishers, and infrastructure that allows us to ship from all six major ports throughout the year, we have significant advantages in processing and exporting rice from India.
Besides rice, we process/trade 35 other agricultural commodities and have customers/suppliers in over 85 countries


We offer various pulses, cereals, oil seeds and bird feed for export. Our strength is in compliance with strict quality and food safety norms.

  • Kabuli Chickpea
  • Desi Chickpea
  • Light Speckled Kidney Bean
  • Red Kidney Bean
  • Black Matpe Bean
  • Lima Bean
  • Watermelon Seed
  • Red Lentils
  • Sugar
  • Jaggery
We are fortunate to be one of the oldest and most reputed pulses importers in India.

With our unwavering commitment to ethics right from the inception of the firm 100 years ago, we have come to be known around the world for our transparent and honest way of working. We have been importing pulses for around 30 years and have never defaulted or delayed even a single payment.


We have been importing popcorn for around 10 years and we are probably the largest importer of popcorn in India today.
    Expansion is tested only in a Cretors MWVT, which is the only machine recognised by the Popcom Institute in Chicago, USA
    – Worldwide network: We trade various commodities in over 85 countries, giving us a significant strength in procurement
    – ISO 22000 plant: All lots are processed and dispatched from our ISO 22000 certified processing unit, ensuring compli ance with the strictest food safety norms
    – Temperature controlled warehouses: Storage of product at the optimal temperature helps in maintaining the quality of the product, especially the expansion.
    – Mushroom
    – Butterfly
    We offer 10 kg and 30 kg bags for the wholesale market, and 350 grams premix packets for theatre chains.
    We offer 10 kg and 30 kg bags for the wholesale market, and 350 grams premix packets for theatre chains.
    – 46/50+
    – 44/46
    – 42/44
    – 40/42
    ISO 22000 Certificate
    Accreditation as per USDA norms Certificate.
    Two Star Export House Certificate

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